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Birth Journey Contact Form

So great to hear you are interested in coming together with a group of like-minded couples through the final weeks of pregnancy as you journey towards your BIRTHINGday.

This course is for couples and follows on from Sacred Pregnancy but you can choose to do this as a standalone course – a chance for couples to connect intimately with each other and their baby.

If you are at the end of your pregnancy and want a special place for you and your partner to connect to discuss important birthing topics as you dance, run or confidently walk through your Rite of Passage from Maiden to Mother…Then you NEED Sacred Pregnancy BIRTH Journey classes! Birth is a unique and special time for every woman, no matter HOW or WHERE it happens and each birth should be looked at as the Most Sacred Time in a woman’s life. Only GOOD can come from a peaceful, empowered birth experience, both for the mother and the baby. You will also gain CRITICAL information about postpartum care and Mother Roasting!

I want to make this really accessible to those who feel called to this beautiful preparation for not only birth, but for far into your future as a family.

I am offering the following times and once I have at least 5 COUPLES wanting to join, we can look at a start date (so please share the love within your networks and let’s get some sacred happening):

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