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Sacred Pregnancy Classes



Your Sacred Pregnancy is a journey. Our classes hold space for pregnant women to connect with one another and their pregnancy experiences in meaningful and personal ways. Sacred Pregnancy groups are being held all around the world and are the NEW WAVE of the pregnancy + birthing future. We are hell bent on changing the birth conversation as Sacred Pregnancy classes bring back the age old tradition of women sitting with one another during pregnancy and birth, getting EMPOWERED, witnessing each other’s process and BEING there for one another during an incredibly power-FULL rite of passage…becoming mothers.

Sacred Pregnancy classes are a special place for pregnant women to gather together, for 8 weeks in their ‘pregnancy journeys’ and come back later with their partners for a 5 week ‘Birth Journey’ course. Each week is spent exploring pertinent topics that naturally arise for most women as they walk down their pregnancy paths and encourage deep sharing, exploring ART, expression, laughter, honouring and CELEBRATION. Pregnancy is one of the DEEPEST DRINKS life has to offer, and should always and in all ways be treated as S A C R E D!

Each woman’s pregnancy pot gets stirred with various emotions and we all need a safe place to process those tides and sip some sanity from the community cauldron. We want to take the pregnancy + BIRTH conversation through winding unsure roads, down unbeaten paths, out on adventures, for a slow dance, get sexy BEAUTIFUL with it, down and bloody with it, cram it with herbs, tears, passion, love and FRESH PERSPECTIVE, crack it open for new rays of sunlight to shine down and help enlightened visions grow, and mostly have fun pouring over all this juicy goodness together, in the new sisterhood we are creating! We are going old school in order to meet women where they need to be met!


WE WANT MORE, WE DESERVE MORE, WE CRAVE MORE… and we are waking up to how to GET MORE! And what is this MORE I speak of?

MORE : honouring, love, sisterhood, good food, accurate cutting edge information, peace, calm, less needles and cranky vibes, JOY, sexy, goofy, flowers, empowerment, creativity, round full gorgeous bellies, herbs, tinctures, soup!, BLISS, good tears, sweet tunes that MOVE us to dance and sweet babies born into our loving embrace…


Here's what we'll cover in the classes:


The theme of part ONE focuses on what it means to create a ‘pregnancy practice’. 

The women will come away from the class session with an understanding of the importance of setting up a sacred space in their own homes that they will regularly use for their meditations, empowerment objects, birth art and as a reminder of their innate power to birth their babies.


The theme of part TWO is the ‘pregnancy practice’ surrounding connection + expectations. 

The pregnant mamas will leave the class with a deeper look at how they are already connecting with their babies or not, their expectations around pregnancy + birth + becoming mothers and how they are already forming connections with each other. They are building a tribe with each other and its important to acknowledge that bonding.


The theme of part THREE is romance + relationships.

The pregnant mamas will take a deeper look at their connection with their partners and how having a baby is currently affecting them as a couple. It’s very important to discuss these issues early on in the relationship so both partners in the relationship feel good + supported throughout the entire journey.


The theme of part FOUR is body image + food.

The pregnant mamas will leave the class with a deeper look at their relationship to food, their food traditions, consciousness around cooking + eating and most importantly, how does their changing body feel to them.  We talk about how gaining weight and watching their bodies change may affect their emotional state.


The theme of the week is FEARS + FORGIVENESS.

The pregnant mamas will leave today’s group with a deeper understanding of what her fears are (rational or irrational) and where she thinks they came from.  It’s very important to have them try to release those fears back into the universe.  In addition to the release work, the women will have an opportunity to take an intimate look at what blocks she has in her life and if those are related to things and / or people, she may need to forgive. Holding onto past hurts does not allow one to move forward with pure intentions and moving into motherhood should be done in full presence and emotional availability.


The theme of the week is HONOURING.

The women will leave the group with a complete happy gooey feeling about HER pregnant self and a look at how emotionally ready she is to give birth.

This is an incredibly special week in the series – a must for all pregnant women so their cup can be filled with love + care.


The theme of this part is stepping into motherhood as a right of passage and how crossing the threshold from maiden to mother is a massive undertaking that not only needs to be recognized and ceremonially honoured, but deeply necessitates a healing touch that can welcome the new mama with open arms.

The definition of Postpartum Care is helping a woman regain both physical and emotional balance as she readjusts her post birth body to a non-pregnant state of being. The Art of truly caring for a postpartum mother lives in the delivery of the service. It’s a delicate touch, a soft voice, a healing hand, and a listening ear, and it’s the way the brush strokes of each of these, paints a picture for a mama after she has crossed the threshold from maiden to mother. This is a spiritual time that deserves reverence, humility, expert care, and warmth that enables the postpartum mama to truly heal and seal the birth process.


The theme of the last portion is SISTERHOOD.

Each woman will leave with a sense of closure and connectedness with the other women. This is the final discussion before they leave and the real focus is on their bonds with each other and how the experience impacted them, as well as spending time to “go to the bowl” for the final collective “practice”.

And here's all the details:

Where: Cronulla

When: Saturdays 4-5hrs a week x 5 weeks

What: 5 weeks of exploration!

  • Drinks & goodie bag
  • All supplies & materials
  • 20+ hours of learning & nurturing
  • Gentle guidance from our expert facilitator

How Much: Only 4 easy payments of $150 or $500 when you pay in full (save $100)

Places are limited to 8 Mamas and their little ones. 

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Women are having natural births because they feel like they can do it and not only do they feel like they can do it, but now the word empowerment is an action, they know what it is…they can touch it, they can taste it, they can feel it, they can see it and it’s not just this idea of let’s be empowered…we know what that means now”