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How does Hypnosis work you may ask?

To sum up some of the most important details, our conscious mind is our short-term memory, it is logical, analyses things, a creature of habit, is self aware and the decision maker. It is the part of the mind that is ‘in charge’.

In order to make positive changes, you must be consciously aware of the need for change, be motivated to get better.  But in order to make these positive changes, both the unconscious and conscious mind need to agree to make it a permanent change.

How often do we kick start a new healthy behaviour (or try to abandon a negative), only to see us not following through?

See, the process of hypnosis is utilized to bypass the negative conscious mind and bring the suggestions directly to the subconscious mind which always hears (so both parts can agree), always pays attention and is anxiously awaiting instructions on how to help the proper way.

Fascinating, right!?

So are you ready to get rid of any negative habits or to introduce new and healthy ones that help you live your best lives?

Some areas I work with are:

*  Weight Loss

*  Smoking Cessation

*  Procrastination

*  Stress Reduction

*  Anxiety Control

*  Abundance/Money Magnet

Aaaaannndddd so many more!

As a way to introduce this technique to you and those you love, I’d like to offer you a special 2 session pack equal to around 4 hours at 50% off for the first 10 people who book in with me.

That’s right…just $200 before my standard fee of $395 kicks in once the first 10 places are filled.

Just IMAGINE the life you could have if you’re able to LET GO of the things that HOLD YOU BACK in your life!!

Simply click below, fill out my contact form and I’ll be in touch!

I look forward to meeting you and being your guide in one of the most life-changing science-based modalities for inner peace and vitality on offer in the world today,

Georgie xx