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Sacred Pospartum Contact Form


Congratulations! I’m so glad you have chosen to honour your journey into Motherhood by choosing the Sacred Newborn Mother Package.

The entire service will take around 3 hours from start to finish and it would be lovely to turn this into a celebration with your nearest and dearest once you are thoroughly honoured, warmed, sealed & bound – maybe have each person bring a plate to share and enjoy the time together with a feast! What a great way to introduce baby when you feel the time is right.

This ceremony can take place any time after your baby’s birth – even many years after your child has come Earth side – I took part in this ceremony when my daughter was 2 years old and it was deeply moving – I don’t think I have ever experienced such love and care before.

Please send me the following details and let’s tailor a beautiful ceremony to honour you as the Goddess you truly are!

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Thank you for trusting me to seal the birth process and gently ease you into Motherhood,

Georgie xx